"FUNDRAISING' is the backbone of any successful club.   The success of the club depends on the support they receive from their community.  The Beamsville & District Lions Club have always had tremendous support from the people of the  community and we "THANK" them  for that and we hope the support will continue.

Following are some Fundraisers we are currently involved in.  Check them out below, but for the exact times and places click on "Upcoming Fundraisers" below.


BREAKFAST  BUFFET....5 or 6 per year excluding the summer months. Breakfast consists of Pancakes, bacon, sausages and eggs plus toast, served by some of the finest cooks in the Lions club.

2...STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL FOOD BOOTH..... Held in June, on the High School grounds on Central Ave..  Come out and support your local business groups and YOUR Lions Club..
  Cancelled for this year

3...LINCOLN COUNTY FAIR FOOD BOOTH AND BINGO TENT.....Always the weekend after Labor Day, held at the Fairgrounds.  Enjoy the Bingo game under the big tent while munching on some great burgers and fries from the Lions Food booth.

4...CHRISTMAS TREE SALES.....beginning December 1st, on Ontario street at Elves Flooring.  according to our customers the finest trees around.

5...ANNUAL COMMUNITY CARE FOOD DRIVE (Food Raiser) generally late Sept. or early Oct.  Watch for the date in the local paper. A great way to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

6...NEVADA TICKET SALES.....This is a "BIG" fundraiser for the Lions club.  Tickets are available at the "SHOPPERS DRUG MART" on Ontario St. at Serena Drive in Beamsville  Please show your support by visiting this fine Drug Store.

7..CONCESSION BOOTH...The Lions operate the Concession Booth, at the Lions Community Park during the summer, while the soccer and ball games are going

8.  Canada Day Celebrations..July 1st at Charles Daley Park in conjunction with the Town of Lincoln.  The Lions Operate their Portable Food Concession here.

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