Shown above is Lion Rob
Morningstar, President for the year
2002-03, with Dawn, the recipiant of
"Tupper" a seeing eye dog.  'Tupper
was sponsored by the Beamsville &
District Lions and Lioness Clubs.
Picture was taken at LFC in Oakville
Guide Dogs
West Lincoln Memorial Hospital Foundation
$25,000 committment
On November 17th, 2005, Lions from Beamsville
Lions Club and the Jordan Lions Club attended
the Graduation Ceremony for "Hunter",  a
Seeing Eye Dog.  This project was the done
through the efforts of Lion Bill Gee, Zone Chair
for 38E for the year 2004-05.  All the clubs in 38E
contributed to the purchase of Hunter.
The Beamsville Lions Rollers, a
group of "30" mostly Lions
with some family members &
friends, participated in the Big
Bike Ride for the Heart and
Stroke Foundation.  This event
was chaired by Lion Ron
Vervaeke and the group raised
$2500  for the Heart & Stroke
Foundation.  No one suffered
any ill effects, although some
members were "Senior"
members and a lot of fun was
had by all.  Shown is a picture
of the group with smiling faces
and also above "the group in
click on picture to enlarge and see details
Lion President Rob
Morningstar, commits the
Beamsville Lions to $25,000
dollars towards the New West
Lincoln Memorial Hospital in
Lion President Ron Vervaeke
presents the first cheque in the
amount of $5000 to Dean
Allison Chair of the WLMHF in
Lion President Alvin Danyluck
presents the 2nd installment of
$5000 to Andrew Smith, Chair
of the WLMHF in 2004
Lion President Doug Burton
presents the 3rd installment of
$5000 to Pamela Ellens,
Executive Officer of WLMHF
in the year 2005
Lion President Ken Harrott
presents the 4th installment of
$5000 to Pamela Ellens,
Executive Officer, WLMHF, in
Lion President Lloyd Haines
presents the final installment of
$5000 to Nancy Abram MD of
the WLMHF, to fulfill our