In 1994 the Beamsville & District Lions Club undertook our most
ambitious project.
In co-operation with the Town of Lincoln we purchased
approximately 47 acres of land on Fly road just outside the Town of

This has become known as the Beamsville Lions Community Park.

The Park at present contains  4 Soccer Pitches,  2 Softball diamonds
and 1 Hardball diamond, a building that houses 2 change rooms, an
office, and a Food concession.  Another building contains washrooms.
A quonset hut was  constructed to house the equipment necessary to
maintain the park.
The two scocer fields at the front, the hardball diamond and one of
the softball diamonds have an underground water system, so the
Pond you see in the background is used to water the remaining fields
with a Waster Cannon.

The Pond is also used by a Boat Club to race their radio controlled
power boats.

In 2005, due to the legislation regarding the management of Park
Water and Sewer systems, the Lions Club, signed an agreement with
the Town of Lincoln, whereby the Town has assumed all
responsibility for all activites at the Park.  The Concession booth
remains the responsibility of the Lions Club

In 2007, the Beamsville Lions, in co-operation with the Town of
Lincoln, were able to erect a large octagon Pavilion.  The Pavilion
will protect the park users from the elements, and give them a place
to sit and enjoy their purchases from the concession booth.  Pictures
are available through the park development link below.

Please click on the Park Development link below to find out how the
Park was developed.