Governor Lion Alan Snider presented
Lions Doug Robinson and Jim Williams
with 60 year service awards at the Lions
Awards Night on May 8th, 2012
Photos on the right show the Lions planting trees for
the tree planting program of Lions International.  
The Lions planted 60 trees at the Lions Community
Park. The trees were donated by Lion Jim Williams
Lion Horace Burton passed away in March
2012,  Lion Horace was a proud Lion and was
always contributing to his community, whether it
was through Lions, Community Care or his
Church.  Before he passed away,  Lion Horace,
left a bequest to sponsor 2 Guide dogs, through
Lions Foundation of Canada.  The picture on the
right shows the 2 dogs which graduated through
Lion Horaces' bequest.  In the front is Katie with
Elfie and Andrea with Colt, and Autism service
dog.  Behind is the Burton family, from LtoR is
Donna, Horaces' daughter, John and Ruth
Burton and Doug Burton
President Lion Alvin
Danyluck presents an Award
to Past President Lion Arnie
Wadsworth for increasing the
membership for the year